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 Thoughts that stop you from living a creative life


"I am not an artist"

"It takes me a lot of time to come into an artistic flow"

"What I make is not good enough"

"I dont have the technical skills"

"I dont know how to implement my ideas in what I make"

"I don't have talent"

"I feel guilty making art because there are so many other things to do that seem more useful"

"I've tried to make things but find it horrible what I make"

"I feel overwhelmed because I don’t know where to start"

"I don’t really have a good workspace to be creative"

"I cant communicate about the art I make"

7 step plan for a more creative life

You want to try ideas but don't always know where to start, or you don't have the right set up or simply not the technical skills.

You can't visualise your ideas. You are stuck with a project and don't know why. You are looking to express yourself in another way, at home, in your work or through art. 

This means you are looking for a more authentic self.

You are looking for a new way to express who you truly are.

You are looking for ways to leave a mark, to take your space and feel what you do is meaningful.

To create a bigger sense of self which mirrors your values better. 

You want to expand.

 You want to break with a pattern in your life, to invite something new. 

Something more exciting, more fulfilling.

Maybe you are already trying to express yourself artistically or you have taken on a project by yourself.

Then suddenly things start to move and don't go as you planned. You get demotivated and you stop.

All these ideas have stopped you from being who you truly are. You have stopped to invite creativity in your life.  

You have stopped your creative flow.  

If you continue this pattern you keep procrastinating to express yourself

This can take months or even years

This now starts to have an effect on your life

You feel embarrassed for what you make

You become very critical on yourself

On the surface you come across as a happy person. But inside you are annoyed with yourself and become more and more agitated with your surrounding

You compare yourself with others

You choose to fill your life with other


You stop expressing your creative desires


You are getting nervous, stressed, angry, and unhappy and you know something vital is missing from your life.

You are not the person who you want to be.

You know deep inside something is missing

You don’t feel fulfilled anymore.

You almost feel you are playing a role of somebody else and keep up with the false image of yourself

You get sucked jobs to pay the bills and don’t allow you any free time.

In the end you forget about your creative ideas completely because you think it will never be something that is for you

You end up in continuous unfulfilling jobs with people who don't inspire you, with wrong partners and friends who you don't really connect with.

You get used to this lesser version of yourself and feel your true self slowly disappearing

If you don’t do anything now, you will never know your life could be different

You continue your life as it is and nothing seems to change

You don't feel motivation to do anything anymore. 

You stop believing in change

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you can join a simple 7 step programme which helps you to invite creativity in your life

and change your life forever

If this is who you want to be

I feel more relaxed

I am not so much stuck in a rational way of thinking anymore

I feel more present in my body

I have a stronger intuition

I am more open towards life

I discover a new way of looking 

I can implement what learn in my daily life

I see more colour

I am a better version of myself

I break with old patterns

I am less judgemental

I can play again and feel free

there seems to be more time and joy in my life

I discover a whole new part of myself

I can touch other people with what I make

I feel understood, relieved and relaxed because of what I express

 I feel connected again

I have a deeper sense of self.

With a simple 7 step programme you can 

change your life for ever




Expand yourself

the 7 step plan to develop and grow

 your mission, your work, your life

what you get

  • a mentoring programme without having to leave your house

  • a clear structure & framework which fits your personal needs 

  • weekly one to one guidance & in depth conversations 

  • mindset matters; exercises to break with old patterns

  • techniques to align creativity with your work

  • transforming struggles into solutions 

  • 24/7 access for guidance & questions


Engineer scarcity robots

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How it helped Mikael

'In my job I reached a point of desperation. I wanted to create more ideas for myself. I had the hope that I could really do that but it was was difficult because around me nobody understood because they were all engineers.


I was always struggling to find a way I thought was going to change bit all the ideas did not take me forward at all. It was not creating space for myself and my ideas, in fact it created more work!

I was not able to translate my wishes it into something based on my own idea or ideals. When I finally started working for myself I got overwhelmed with fears and started to procrastinate my plans.

I then knew I had to try something else.


I didn't know what, so I just tried something new.


Through the mentoring with Marieke I became conscious about my own creative process. And I never considered my work as artistic. I am an engineer. But now I learned how to respect a creative process. Reinforcing that idea. The outcome of anything is very much a result of the process; it isn’t so much about the idea you have. Now I know it is possible to be successful in what I do and what that means to me. I now know more about how to execute the process. I already knew that but there is one thing a thing to understand intellectually and now I have more of an experience.

I like my new creative self that I discovered through the mentoring. I need to take my creative self more serious, and nurture it more. Make it into more of a long and continuous process instead of short burst."

Girl with Grey Tshirt

How it helped Channa

"A one hour session created in an incidental, casual and playful way an incredible, clear and beautiful outlook and gave me direction in my own creative functioning and life.


Marieke guided me as a wizard through simple visualisation exercises, drawings and my own body experiences back to what really matters to me, what makes me happy and above all how I can apply that in everyday life.

If gift vouchers existed for this, then I knew it !!"



How it helped M.A.S.

"I got stuck because of having doubt and negative thought spirals. It meant that I was not starting with making something for myself. Creativity was something I had to do, it got lost among other duties like bringing shoes to the shoe maker and shopping. There was always something why I didn't have time. Therefor I lost the courage to start at all.

I was unsure if I would have enough time and energy for something extra in my life, but I decided I did not want to postpone it any longer.

The online call with Marieke in which we got to know each other better was very valuable, so I decided to start the coaching program.


For me it was great to schedule appointments. Marieke ensured that everything was OK to talk about. By that I mean everything that comes up, what happens in a day or a week, which I first thought was not part of it, there was a lot of space for that. That was very valuable. I now see that as an important part of the process as well.

I have learned to make space for my own creativity, to learn to protect myself. That my energy and time I spent on being creative has an effect on what my life looks like, what I attract, what happens to me and how I feel.

The fact that there is someone who thinks along with me and does not judge, took away so much of my negativity. It was motivating to share my process and inspired to continue with my ideas.

After coaching I especially feel that there is something else.

That I again feel that motivation, that I feel something fresh again.


My creativity is not something which feels like I want to do or have to do, or haven’t done it for a long time. I now feel like getting started, I have a lot of new ideas and new energy has been added.

Now I do not want to be overwhelmed by factors that I do not know how they effect me. I now want to stay more in tune with the process and continue to do things and not avoid the confrontation. My feeling to stand up for myself so that I can make more time free for my own project has grown.

Girl Walking in Empty Road


Freelance illustrator

Marieke Warmelink

Marieke graduated with a cum laude BA in Graphic design & video in Bristol, UK as well as a BA in fine art at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Her experience working at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, facilitating artists and offering them the tools needed inspired her to set up her own  platform to help people expand and grow using their creativity.

Marieke has been working as an artist for more then 15 years and currently lives in Bali thanks to following her artist dream. Marieke has  been able to travel around the world making films and performances, joined various residencies  and received funding from many different organisations.

Marieke is living a life that she could not even have imagined due to being truthful to her own creative path.


All that Marieke wants is for you to experience the same joy of a life based on creative principles.  Marieke gives you tools to simply get started with your authentic plan and helps you on the way with practical problems. 

Marieke wants you to become an authentic leader, and to take charge of your life, to use your talents, your wisdom, your fullest potential and to share your gifts with others. 

Why I want to help you


It is my passion to see you grow

To see you live the life which mirrors who you truly are

To see you expand

This makes me ultimately happy

I have learned a lot in my life and It is time to share my knowledge, my experiences and my skills.

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