Marieke Warmelink

Marieke is a creative wizard who travels around the world to give women a voice, through making movies, coaching and teaching.


An artist herself, she uses her gifts to look inside any women’s heart to reveal their inner truth. 


Using creative methods Marieke translates her visions into short movies to raise awareness, inspire others and to make women heard.

Marieke is at her best, where she can help you articulate your mission too.

She loves to turn you up side down, shake you around until all the best & tastiest ingredients drop right in front of you like golden coins.


Marieke’s creative skills are like a big river, overflowing with fresh ideas and energy.

This will immediately get you inspired & motivated to take action yourself to follow your heart. To live a life filled with synchronology, life purpose & joy


You can even learn these methods yourself, as she is a profound teacher, loving to share the stick of magic with the next generation

Marieke is delighted to help you jump of the bridge.

The real deal is just right there. If you allow yourself to jump into that deep ocean, pick up your treasures, and bring them to the surface.

Ever since a child Marieke followed her own artist dream which always brought her to the better part of herself. She visited to so many magical places; sailed a boat to the Empire state building, lived in India amongst monkeys and buffalo’s, and got baptized on the Islands of Gods.

Why I want to help you


It is my passion to see you grow

To see you live the life which mirrors who you truly are

To see you expand

This makes me ultimately happy

I have learned a lot in my life and It is time to share my knowledge, my experiences and my skills.

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Stella Ang: "I worked with many famous people, a lot of professional and well-known help providers, and I can honestly say that Marieke is a good, non-judgmental, stimulating and authentic coach."


work experience

Marieke is a Dutch artist, graduated with two BA’s, Cum Laude in Graphic Design (UWE, University of the West of England and Fine art at Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Marieke worked as a ‘facilitator’ at the Rijksakademie of Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, one of the world’s leading top international art institutes.


Marieke is a painter and worked as an artist for more then 20 years with an international art career. Specialised in the making of socially engaged short performances, films & interventions. Her last film was shot in Bali, where she was invited for an exhibition, met her partner, fell in love and got a beautiful son, and settled for good.


Marieke is the Founder of ‘women with a voice’ a platform to empower women in their path to leadership through art.


Marieke was a guest teacher at various universities such as; Columbia University NYC, US, Pace University NYC, US, Artez University, Zwolle, The Netherlands, Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Shiv Nadar Universiity, department of Art Design and performing arts, school of humanities and social science, Delhi, India, among others.


With the experiences Marieke gained during her career, it was a natural transition to start sharing successful creative methods with others, to help others articulate their mission in life and become better versions of them. To live a life filled with synchronology. 

for an overview of exhibitions, lectures and teaching experience click here

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