Looking for an assistant/ intern to help out with my studio practice

Dutch and English language writing, reading and speaking.



One day a week, starting from January till April/May


Dear reader!


My name is Marieke Warmelink, Dutch artist living and working in Amsterdam.

With my work I question traditional power structures and offers alternatives. I reflect on current socio-political issues and the role of the media to construct an alternative sense of reality; a combination of paintings, film, performance and installation.


My next project is a theatre performance based on alternative forms of governance. It will be a performance/lecture installation; the preview is planned in April/ May. I could very much use help with the preparations and production of the work.

It is important you speak, read and write in Dutch as well as English.

There will be a group of people involved, such as a dramaturge, production manager, someone making the stage design, a costume designer among others so if you enjoy this kind of thing, please join!


I am looking for an energetic person who can help me with;


Documenting work process

Documenting interviews/events

Update website

Research articles and news items

Edit film material

Technical solutions computer (great if you have these extra skills)

Sending newsletter

Help in the studio/decor/building


We will work together at my studio once a week to start with. We start with one day a week and towards the premiere probably again more. 


For the first 2 months I can pay you E 200, then if we work well together we can extend this.


If you are interested to work with me and in the meantime learn things you that will benefit your own practice/skills, I would be very happy to do so! I am also happy to hear what you want to learn/see//need! In that way we both help each other.


For more information and examples of my work, see my website

Please email me on info@mariekewarmelink.com with what you want to learn/ why you want to help me, a bit about what your interests are, and what kind of things you make. Short email=good

For me it is only effective if our intentions match.


Best Marieke