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Battle of the King

​March 24 2014, lecture performance, Vers Bloed/Ten Oorlog,

De Balie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Marieke Warmelink, De Balie, March 2014
Modern leadership, Marieke Warmelink, De Balie, March 2014

King William II fiercely fought battles that ended up in tragic bloodsheds. Nowadays our King prefers to drink beer with Vladimir Putin to solve conflict and seems to avoid any form of dispute. What is the role of the King today in terms of war and what is the role of our monarchy? Marieke Warmelink together with the audience searches for different kinds of leadership, presenting her recent project, 'Office of the King'.


Some of the characteristics a modern leader should have according to the audience are for example a leader who;


1. can talk

2. is resolute 

3. strives for an ideal

4. has sense of self-mockery

5. has concern for others

6. is in a shadow position

7. can cook well

8. is a stuntman

9. is compassionate

10. can demolish everybody

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