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"when you love that special person in your life

and love cannot be expressed in just words"

Thinking of a gift to a dear person is always hard, it is almost you cannot find the right way to express the love, the gratitude and the connection you have with the person.

That is because a gift needs to have a deeper layer which makes it unique, just like every person is unique.

You won't find uniqueness in a gift which is mass produced, or has no 'real soul'.


Uniqueness has character and dares to be different, just like you and me, it has a story, an extra layer of connectedness, and presence. 

What is better than receiving a gift from someone you hold dear, and feeling the concentration, the care, the time, spent on just making that person feel extra special, to bring out just how unique they are in their own self. How much you value their life. Their heart and who they are. Truly. 


 A precious moment in your life

your parent's care

your partner's love

your children's joy

I am not painting just a picture. I am painting a story, of someone's life, your life, of your loved ones. 

I paint what is important to you, which is so much more than just dublicating what I see.

I tap into the core and express the layers beyond what is seen, what is felt, lived throughout all these years. 

A life consists of all these complex layers that make a divine web of interconnectedness, in the same way a painting consists of layers of paint, of strokes and expressions of feelings. 


If your painting is a gift, the painting becomes an ODE of respect to the other.

a sign of recognition to what they have done

to who they are.

A sign of seeing, believing in them.


What more can you give then saying this, without words to someone you love. 

It is the Connection on this level which is the core of what I want to bring across.

The painting starts with us, with you and me, our connection, our way of communication, and listening to what you have to say, to share and want to express.

I work from photos, and keep you closely connected to the process.

Depending on the size it takes 2 - 4 weeks depending on the size and request.

The paintings are made with acrylics on canvas. Oil paintings can be ordered on request.

You can make a request from anywhere in the world, it can be sent to you. 

The general cost for postage depends on your size. Small paintings are around 30 euro up to 60 or 80 depending if it is sent express or not. 

Any other size, wish or idea,  feel free to use  the contact form  below for your personal requests. 

prizes are ex btw, ex transport costs

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