Paintings in commission


Over the past years I have specialised in making art in commission.


Every painting has its own special captured memory. This can be a precious moment in time, a special person, a favourite animal or a particular place. 

Making works in commission is one of my favourite jobs, because it makes people happy. 

You can send me various pictures of which I create a collage. Together we finalise the design.

There are 4 standard sizes to choose from

If you prefer another size feel free to use the contact form. 

Depending on the size it takes 1-2 weeks for smaller paintings and up to a month for langer paintings.

The paintings are made with acrylics on canvas. 

You can make a request from anywhere in the world, it can be sent to you. 

The general cost for postage depends on your size. Small paintings are around 30 euro up to 60 or 80 depending if it is sent express or not. 

Any other size, wish or idea,  feel free to use  the contact form  below for your personal requests. 

prizes are ex btw, ex transport costs

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