Most of my projects are partly funded by organizations and institutions and partly realized with my own personal contribution, therefor private donations really helps to cover production costs for upcoming projects.


There are two ways to make a donation;


  • Via bank transfer on NL97INGB0002245085 with in the topic the project of choice. Upcoming projects are either India or New York. In return you receive one or more small paintings of choice made specifically for/during the project.                           Suggested donation; € 100,150, 250, 500 or more.


  • Renting a painting. You can rent a painting that I currently have in stock for a period of 3-6 months up to a year. Renting can start from  € 100 up to € 500 or more depending on the period and size of the painting. 

      For examples see paintings 2014, or paintings 2013. Please send an email to with the title of the           work you are interested in before August 1



example of paintings for the project

Holding my brother in arms, maumau residency, Shifting office, local vessel, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013


Spoon boy, 135 x 120 cm oil on linen, 2014

    It takes


    to change

    It is time to to cut with old habits which hold you down

    Cut with them completely

    Take control

    ownership of your life

    Life is bigger 

    Your full potential is waiting

    A new person will be born

    Wake up to your inner truth

    Rise to the light 


    Everything will be all right

    Happy to help with a

    free 15 minute call


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