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Make in India


Modkola, Partapur, Rajahstan, 2014


The film is based on an installation which consists of 29 pairs of trousers. Therefor Marieke visited 29 women in Partapur who’s husbands often work abroad, for example many in Kouwait. The men are away for many years and often return home once a year. It is therefor the women who run the homes, deal with family business and often work on the fields or have other jobs. Marieke Warmelink challenges the presence and absence of men in relation to these women’s lives.

The installation became the starting point of the film Acha Dina


The title of the installation refers to a government scheme of Narendra Modi, the new Prime Minister of India. Make in India is a major new national program designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development and protect intellectual property. To build best in class manufacturing infrastructure. The program states;  'there's never been a better time to make it in India'.


The title is a critical note to the fact that most of the men in Partapur actually earn there living abroad, which leaves a huge imprint on society.




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