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July 21 till August 18

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For all those creative souls out there who stopped dreaming big and gave up the idea of being an artist.


You used to make art, finished a degree, were full of ideas and had big dreams.

Then you got into a job to earn money and slowly it took over your life.

People think you are happy but something deep inside of you is missing.

And you know the job is a distraction of what you really want to do.


The 7 thoughts that stop you from making art


"It takes me a lot of time to come into an artistic flow"

"What I make is not good enough"

"I feel guilty making art because there are so many other"


things to do that seem more useful"

"I am afraid no ideas will come"

"I feel overwhelmed because I don’t know where to start"

"I don’t really have a good workspace to be creative"

"I cant communicate about the art I make"

All these ideas have stopped you from being who you truly are. You have stopped what you love to do, you have given up the hope for your life as an artist.  

If you continue this pattern you keep procrastinating to make art.

This can take months or even years.

You start feeling guilty that you haven't made anything. You start feeling angry with yourself.

You see fellow artists do so many amazing things and now you even feel embarrassed for what you make.

You stop making art.

You compare yourself with others constantly

You choose to fill your life with other

distractions to forget about your creative urge.

On the surface you come across as a happy person. But inside you are annoyed with yourself and become more and more agitated with your surrounding. You are getting nervous, stressed, angry, and unhappy and you know something vital is missing from your life.

You are not the person who you want to be.

You know deep inside something is missing.

You don’t feel fulfilled anymore.

You feel a part of you is slowly dying.

You almost feel you are playing a role of somebody else and keep up with the false image of yourself.

You get sucked into other jobs to pay the bills and don’t allow you any free time.

In the end you forget about your dreams completely because you think it will never be something that is possible.

You end up in continuous unfulfilling jobs with people who don't inspire you, with wrong partners and friends who you don't really connect with.

You get used to this lesser version of yourself and you slowly disappear of the radar completely.

If you don’t do anything now, you will become another creative soul that stopped making art

You stop dreaming big.

You stop believing in yourself.

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this is who you become if you don't live your artist life

You can change your future

right now

you can join a simple 7 step programme which helps you to become the artist you want to be

If this is who you want to be

respected for what you love doing

show your art on the walls of people’s houses

take part in amazing exhibitions

meet artists who inspire you and have in depth conversations about your work 


realise that others recognise themselves in your art

make people happy with what you make and touch the

feel understood, relieved and relaxed because of what you express.

feel you connect with others through your work.

Art is your main focus.

People take you serious for what you do.

feel you have a deeper sense of self.

With a simple 7 step programme you can 

change your future


Paradise is just the step which can help you right now




what paradise gives you

  • an artistic getaway without having to leave your house, a place of timeless harmony. A place where you can find yourself again.

  •  a  perfect space for art in your life 

  •  a clear structure, framework and deadline

  • a breakthrough in your artistic practice

  • one to one guidance 

  • a 7 step plan to  become the artist you want to be

  • a great community of inspiring fellow artists for you to share in depth conversations with 

  • easy access  from anywhere in the world

  • practice to communicate about your work

  • an online exhibition


Marieke Warmelink is the founder of Paradise and guides you to live the artist life. 

Marieke currently graduated with a cum laude BA in Graphic design & video as well as a fine art degree at the Rietveld Academy. Marieke is a professional artist for many years and currently lives in Bali thanks to following her artist dream. Marieke has  been able to travel with her art, joined various residencies all over the world and received funding from many different organisations.

She is living a life that she could not even have imagined. Marieke feels she is in Paradise herself, surrounded by all this lush nature, eating the most quality healthy food, surrounded by friends and making art. All that Marieke wants is for you to experience the same joy.  Marieke gives you tools to simply get started with your own artistic plan and help you on the way with practical problems. Her experience working at the Rijksakademy in Amsterdam, facilitating artists and offering them the tools needed inspired her to set up her own residency platform to connect international artists from all around the world. 


This program is only for people who really want to make a change in their lives, who are ready to choose for art.

Who only need that last step, who want to invest in their artist life’s. Who think their life matters.

Who have dedication.

Otherwise it will never happen.

I promise you that your life will change drastically.

You will get that funding you were waiting for, an offer for an exhibition in that special place, you will go on an exciting trip.

Gates that were closed will suddenly open for you. Why? Because there is just no other option anymore.


No way of turning back to the old you.