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My recent works are a series of portraits of women. My goal is to portrait 197 inspiring women across the world, each representing one country. I am currently woring on a large project "Ronduit Uitgesproken" to paint 22 women from the North of Holland. 

I am interested to change roles, to play with our perspective, to look at life from a different point of view. Once started on a canvas my subjects are painted up-side-down, I often flip my canvas during the painting process. 

It is a liberating technique which offers they eye to discover instead of to paint what we already know. You can see this as a metaphor in life. 

We have to constantly process our environment as if new, to not fall into the trap of illusion, to keep a fresh eye and keep being in awe of life as if a fresh discovery.  

see below for an overview or click here for work in commission

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