'Life has become a painting itself.

In the meantime I paint life.' 

My recent works are a series of portraits of women.  My goal is to portrait 197 inspiring women across the world, each representing one country.

Every woman has their own story to tell, her own wishes and needs, her own wisdom to share. 

By making these women visible I contribute to a global change where women are equal to men. 

You can read my story of my life through my art, my films and my paintings.

I live my life in favour of my art and art gave me life. 

Influenced by the sacred spaces of Bali, Australia, India, deserted Islands, Holy trees and the many different animals I come across during my travels.

Many paintings are able to be viewed from two perspectives and the viewer can simply choose which side is 'up' or 'down'.

I am interested to change roles, to play with our perspective, to look at life from a different point of view.

Once started on a canvas my subjects are painted up-side-down, I often flip my canvas during the painting process. 

It is a liberating technique which offers they eye to discover instead of to paint what we already know. You can see this as a metaphor in life. 

We have to constantly process our environment as if new, to not fall into the trap of illusion, to keep a fresh eye and keep being in awe of life as if a fresh discovery.  

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    It takes


    to change

    It is time to to cut with old habits which hold you down

    Cut with them completely

    Take control

    ownership of your life

    Life is bigger 

    Your full potential is waiting

    A new person will be born

    Wake up to your inner truth

    Rise to the light 


    Everything will be all right

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