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Private art courses & mentoring 


"Add Lessons of Marieke brought me just want I needed and what I was looking for. She felt perfectly well which way I needed to develop and was flexible to tune into my process. She was very involved and enthausiastic"


Private lessons

How I love teaching private lessons and tune in to what my you need. I teach portrait painting but also other painting styles or in what ever process you are. I have been teaching for 15 years. My focus is on your joy in art and keeping that alive. I don't believe in endless technical lessons, but I do cover technique where needed. 

The paintings on this page are made by Jeroen Tien, he is a beginner and joined two courses. 



I also give mentoring or coaching online.

If you are already more experienced with technique but would like to find feedback on your practice, the mentoring course is ideal. 

In a series of 5 lessons you find your 'red threat' in your work and learn how to set parameters for your own work.  

 I can also help with

  • funding

  • visibility

  • presentation

  • proposals

"It was an eye opener! looking forward to the future lessons. Your instructions were so clear and made me 'see' things differently. -Renate Nujsongsinn- 

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