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a project by Marieke Warmelink

Exhibition 29/8 - 6/10 2022
Opening 10sept 2022


About the project


RONDUIT UITGESPROKEN is a project by artist Marieke Warmelink to literally make women more visible through art. After all, visibility ensures recognition and acknowledgment of the existence of women and the role they play in our society. A role that is still unequal in the Netherlands.

The project has lead to 22 painted portraits of women, 22 'hidden women's stories', an exhibition, a presentation on International Women's Day, lectures, film meetings and a Mastermind.


22 women of North-Holland

For this project Marieke choose 22 women from more then 70 nominations from the province of Noord-Holland (above the North Sea Canal). The women through the position they occupy (or occupied), contribute to positive change in society.

Think of a woman with an unusual or (for that time) progressive profession, a remarkable life course, unique way of life, dedicated effort or because she 'sticks/sticks their head above the ground'. But a woman who is indispensable in society with a "normal" life is also worth a nomination.

On this page you can see all the portraits and stories of the selected 22 women.

Marieke paints each of the 22 women's portrait and conducts an interview in order to arrive at the special 'hidden women's story'. 


From August 29- October 6, 2022, the paintings and the personal stories will be exhibited in Geesterhage Castricum.  At the public opening on September 10, the 22 women are invited as guests of honour, with room for connection and meeting. 

You can sign up for the Public Opening using the application form at the bottom of this page. 


About the Artist

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My name is Marieke Warmelink, graduated with a BA graphic design from the University of the West of England (cum laude) and a BA autonomous art from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.


With my work I respond to current socio-political issues; a combination of various disciplines including painting, performance, film and installation.


My work aims to combine various elements, work that is anchored in society in a form in which each part maintains its autonomy and strengthens other elements.


I have been given many opportunities to do so with national and international projects. Since 2015, I have bundled my art practice by initiating a platform called Women with a Voice.


The platform is committed, through art, to the interests of women and gender equality. From this platform I organize projects, lectures, workshops, presentations, film screenings, (educational) workshops and coaching.


That there is gender equality in the Netherlands is an illusion. The Netherlands is in 31st position on the global gender equality index and is therefore by no means a frontrunner.


Here too, women are still unequal to men in many areas. The pay for work is not equal and women participate less in the labor market, because the division of care tasks is also not yet in balance. Traditional and stereotypical ideas about social division of roles still set the standard.


The fact that women are only 24% portrayed by the media worldwide compared to men, contributes negatively to this. And when women are shown, the emphasis is often on old gender roles.

“With my project I want to represent and encourage women to close the gap and reverse stigmas. By emphasizing positive imagery in which women are portrayed in strength and vulnerability. In this way I also want to inspire other women to make themselves more visible and to support them, because the more women (dare to) take the lead, the more they participate in making important decisions. I am convinced that this will change the world in a positive way and that men will also benefit greatly from it. At the same time, I hope to create greater awareness of our own (pre)judgments towards women that we still seem to have as a person and as a society.” - Marieke Warmelink

Painted Portrait

Marieke paints a portrait of each of the 22 women. Painting is like an act; a way of (still) showing respect for the person and thereby acknowledging them in full.


Painting is an important process, in which every woman comes into her own and a way is sought to show both strength and vulnerability.

For all painting process video's please visit these socials

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Once the paintings are ready, posters are designed. The poster features a condensed version of the story and the painted portrait.

The posters are offered in Castricum to institutions, shops and other public places to stick on their windows, visible to the public, so that a public exhibition is created.


Residents of the region and other interested parties can also bring poster(s) to stick behind the window at home, visible to the outside world.

In this way, residents and entrepreneurs themselves are part of a larger whole and contribute in an accessible way to the visibility and position of women in and from their region.

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Example poster 'Orsine", Exhibited at Forum of the United Nations Regional Review Meeting in Beijing+25 (Beijing Platform for Action) in Genèva in 2019

On March 8, 2022, International Women's Day, the 22 selected women were presented via social media.

Once a week, Marieke shared the portrait and the story on social meida of one of the women of the project for 22 weeks. 

In this way the stories are made known, women themselves are put in the spotlight and the importance of International Women's Day is emphasized.


The stories serve as an example or inspiration for listeners and specifically for women to put themselves more in the foreground and to share their knowledge.

Follow the stories on these socials by clicking on the icon.

International women's day

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Lectures, film, mastermind

In August and September 2022, Marieke will organize two informative lectures on the theme of 'art and women's emancipation', in line with the exhibition.


There will also be a film meeting and Marieke will give a special Mastermind; a painting course that gives the opportunity to teach women how to paint a self-portrait in order to develop artistically and to develop a positive self-image.

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In the press. Can you help to make this project visible? 

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We are happy to work with organizations that want to promote the visibility of women and genderequality.

Women INC ; "The media have an important role in increasing and decreasing opportunities. It is time for inclusive media, in which everyone is heard and seen and in which stereotypical imagery does not limit the opportunities of certain groups. Women are still underrepresented in Dutch news media. ”

Women INC (founded in 2005) is an interest group that accelerates emancipation in the Netherlands

Hereby an overview of Dutch News Articles about the project

  • Monday 24 januari 11.10 uur Radio Noordholland; June tot 12

  • Artikel op pagina van Dijk en Waard

  • Noordhollands Dagblad (alle regio's), het artikel lees je hier

  • Rodi nieuwsblad, het artikel lees je hier

  • De Castricummer, het artikel lees je hier 

  • Artikel over Marieke Warmelink en Ronduit Uitgesproken in de krant van Rodi Castricum, je leest het online hier 

  • Rapportage Rodi TV via youtube door Mieke Roozing en Ed Bausch. Je bekijkt het hier de video 

  • Artikel NH Radio

  • Op 8 februari was Marieke te gast bij Noord Holland Radio lunchroom. Bekijk hier de  live streaming 

  • Hier beluister je de Podcast van het interview van NH radio.

  • Hier lees je een interview met Marieke Warmelink naar aanleiding van Internationale vrouwendag

  •  2 april  is Marieke te gast bij Omroep Castricum, Couleure Locale. (vanaf minuut 26)

  • Reportage van Ijmond Nieuws

  • Artikel in Oneindig Noord Holland

  • Artikel in Noord Hollands Dagblad over Open Studio 

Become a Sponsor

It is interesting to sponsor this project. The press is following the process and more articles will be published.

With the contributions of the sponsors, the women's stories can be recorded, documented and a publication can be published.


Of course, all sponsors are mentioned in public media related to this project, and a logo is printend on the posters, the exhibition and on the publication.

Below the different options. 


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€ 100

With this donation you contribute to buy paint, brushes & canvas



€ 250

With this donation you contribute to the exhibition



€ 500

With this donation you give one woman her own painting


€ 1000

With this donation you contribute to make a publication 

Ronduit Uitgesproken is part of the platform 'Women with a Voice'. The platform that promotes the interest of women and gender equality through art.


From 'Women with a voice' Marieke organizes activities to raise awareness of gender equality worldwide.


She organizes projects, lectures, workshops, presentations, film screenings, (educational) workshops and coaching.

With Ronduit Uitgesproken, Marieke wants to encourage action locally that leads to change. Placing a poster, making a nomination and visiting the exhibition are symbolic actions that can lead to change in reality.

“It is important that we make women visible, share stories, understand the role women play, their talents, their importance. It has become my mission to raise my voice to honour women in the world through art.” - Marieke Warmelink

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Women with a Voice

What is genderequality?

Gender inequality is a form of discrimination that affects the realization of human rights. It hinders women's development and participation in society on an equal footing.

read more about gender equality