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Women with a voice is a platform which articulates the wishes, needs and visions of women around the world through art. 

Every woman has special qualities and something important to share, to say, to articulate. Every woman has a story to be shared. The more we share these stories, and the more we share the voice of women, the more we create visibility of the capacities of women which create a platform of respect. 

Female leadership can only be recognised when the qualities of women in general are honoured, recognised and respected. 

Most importantly when these above are shared and made public. 

It has become my mission to raise my voice to honour women in the world through art & education. 

You can read more about the different ways Women with a Voice operates and how you can contribute

women empowerment through film

Screenings of short films;

Portraits of women

Short motivational films

to share awareness and inspire

are combined with interactive discussions and sharing experiences.

These sessions are great for creating awareness and connect an audience with each other and a greater goal 

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Give young women opportunities to become filmmakers of the future

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Speeches, talks, presentations, to inspire and inform, motivate and help guide people to take action

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Portraits for Parity;

Paintings of women across the globe

Conctribute to the visibility of women. You can order a portrait of a beloved women in your life or of yourself, and feel how empowering it can be to allow yourself to be remembered for your talents and vision in the world, your style.


one to one Coaching

Coaching for women to grow into strong leadership

Using Creative Methods & Mindmapping


Private art lessons/ Summer workshops Art & Nature

Gaining confidence making art helps to gain autonomy in life. Drawing a line to define. 

Courses & private lessons to make a difference by expressing more of yourself.


Currently giving Art & Nature workshops outside in the dunes of Bakkum/Castricum. 

I teach Drawing & painting skills and techniques to the level required. 

contact for next availability. 

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Workshops with a message

Discussions and workshops to enhance awareness of the position of women internationally

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