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workshops and training for organisations

Gender equality is a core value of the European Union, a fundamental right and key principle of the European Social Pillar. All government agencies must have a Gender Equality Plan as of 1 January 2022. ​


  • The first thing to show is that the organization is committed to gender equality.

  • Secondly, it must become clear which resources are used to set up, implement and monitor the goals. With various activities, the subject can be better discussed and made known.

  • If you can demonstrate that you invest in developing and promoting gender equality, you as an organization have a better chance of receiving subsidies.


I supervise these activities for companies where gender equality through art is discussed, researched and addressed.

Are you not a government organization but are you interested in raising the subject within your own company?

You can address genderequality through a lecture, exhibition, discussion or workshops.

I am happy to help you with a set of activities.

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