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Art and Nature workshops are ideal for beginners who want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Bakkum and learn how to paint. Inspired by the Ocean, dunes and forest you learn how to paint like the 'Fauves'; colourful paintings on canvas with vast brushstrokes and vivid colours. 

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Every sunday at 10.00 hours, I give an Art & Nature Lesson at  Camping Bakkum during the summer and also at De Hoep

We find a beautiful spot in the dunes. 

Ideal for beginners but also more advanced painters are welcome. Material included . more info click on the links. 



Every friday I teach kids painting in nature at Camping Bakkum . 

Material included. lesson is about 1,5 hours. Kids from 8+ are welcome. 

"It was such a fun afternoon. I was looking for something to do with our family and found out about this workshop. It was so much fun! I was surprised how much we actually learned in only one lesson. We were all beginners and the end result was amazing!"

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