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Portrait in commission

It is my pleasure to paint portraits of women to make women seen through art.

To make visible the inner character, strength and vulnerability

It is my speciality to paint women, but of course I also paint men, children or animals. 

There can be so many reasons to order a portrait.

  • A special birthday celebration, maybe your close relative turns 18, 50, 70 or 101 years old! It is possible to give a portrait with more family members together. 

  • You might like to honour yourself with a self portrait, to be proud of who you are. Your portrait will live on for a long time. 

  • A portrait of your idol or icon. Perhaps someone who you admire or who inspires you. 

  • We would like to remember. A family member or a person who was close to us.


Eternalise beloved women

Experience from a client; 

"I started following you on FB and Instagram.

Your story: Australia, Bali, struggle, single mother, spiritually gifted, close to yourself etc, all of this sparked my genuine interest in you.


At the same time, the desire to eternalise beloved women on canvas played in my network. And you were working on a theme that matched this wish, giving voice to women's stories!

Everything came together for me...that's why I gave you the assignment and it worked out so well. We are very happy with the result" - Ayse -


Self portrait

Not only kings or queens order self portraits

It is perfectly fine to be proud of yourself for who you are

It can be a powerful message to have your self portrait in your house or home office. 

Also the process is interesting. which photo do you choose, what age would you like to portrait or would you like a typical surrounding or style. 


Special celebration

Experience from a client;

My parents celebrated their 50h wedding anniversary. 
My present was a portrait of them, created from a picture I took at the anniversary celebration. It was painted by Marieke Warmelink.

I sent her the picture, we connected daily for 10 days to make sure it was a true reflection of them, and it arrived last week, in time for both my parents' respective birthdays. 
This is them opening and discovering he results. They love it and so do I.

What makes the painting even more special is that Marieke paints to fund movies she creates to address gender inequalities in a very creative way. So this is a painting with meaning and purpose.

If you are looking for the perfect CHRISTMAS PRESENT, look no further!!! -Carole Favre

Icon or idol

Are you inspired by an amazing woman, do you have an idol or icon?

It is reason enough to see her every day in your home office, house or work environment.

To have a (female) role model can enhance our own thoughts or feeling processes.

I am happy to think with you which background or colours you can choose.


Family member

This portrait was a gift from a daughter to her mother. It is her mother you see on the portrait. 

It was the most noble gift you can imagine. At the time the daughter was very sick and even though, she invested in such a thoughtful gift full of love and compassion. 

It was an honour to paint her beloved mother. 

'I think it is absolutely beautiful, she loved at and there were a lot of tears from joy'


quote portrait


interview De Castricummer 1
interview Castricummer 2
interview Castricummer 3

From 01-01-2022 I am working on a project "Ronduit Uitgesproken" to make 22 women in the North of Holland seen through art. 

Read here if your commission fits the project. 

For more information please contact me through the form beneath.

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