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22 verborgen vrouwenverhalen zichtbaar gemaakt

(22 hidden stories from women made visible) 

Made possible with support of City Council of Catricum



Solo Exhibition, women portraits

Bakkums Genoegen, Castricum

Husband for a Day & Kuat

Screening & Discussion gender equality voor students, teachers and visitors 

Bali Green School, Bali, Indonesia
Gender Euality day

Husband for a Day & Kuat

Screening & Discussie gender equality

in collaboration with 

Nomads Giving Back Bali & Outpost Canggu & Outpost Ubud

Bali, Indonesia

AKTIE/REACTIE Engagement Art & Education program

Arts and Socially engaged program for high-school students at Bali Green School
In collaboration with David Green 

At Green School Bali, Indonesia


Altijd Anders in Velsen Noord

Short film

Museum Kennemerland

Project Wijkplaats/Kibboets Beverwijk (group show)

Made possible by Stichting Kist & Gemeente Velsen & Beverwijk


Husband for a day

Dutch Première, screening and Q&A short film

Official selection Shortcutz film festival

With Martin Koolhoven amongst others

De Kring, Amsterdam



Performance & installation

Aksievisme (groupshow)

Kunsttraject Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam

Invited by initiator and curator Joost Vermeulen and Frans van Tartwijk          



Performative interventions in collaboration with Jasmin Moeller

Festival of Ideas, Bristol Biennial 2016 / In Other Worlds, Bristol, UK,

Made possible by the General Embassy of the Netherlands & Bristol City Council

Invited by Hannah Clark & Eva Martino


Acting tough - Being strong 

Artist in Residence Program

Ketemu Project Space, Bali, Indonesia


Husband for a day/ Kuat

Screening short films

Exhibition “Merayakan Murni” (groupshow)

Sudakara Art Space, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Curated by Kamiliah Bahdar (SGP) & Savitri Sastrawan (IND)


An act of Hanging

performance and artist talk

Alice exhibition at Studio Kein, Istanbul, Turkey

curated by Sine Ergün



Intervention performance

French Consulate Amsterdam 


Embassy of Goodwill The Monument One Our of Free Help

performance, public program, exhibition

AIOPRECALL 2015 performance festival

14th street, Manhatten, New York

Lodge Gallery, 131 Crystie's street, New York

in collaboration with Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries


Of Kings and Consuls

14th Istanbul Biennial parallel event

General Consulate of The Netherlands


Istanbul Turkey


The New King/ De Nieuwe Koning

Fringe Festival, Amsterdam



The King's Secret/ Het Geheim van de Koning

June 3 & 4


Interactive theatre performance

Made possible by develepment fund of the AFK


Husband for a day & Acha Dina

May 8-31

Equilibrium Exhibition


Mainz, Germany


Royal Practice Ceremony

April 22, 2015, 1-2 PM


Palace square, The Dam, Amsterdam


Husband for a day

April 2, 2015, 7-10 PM


Does Not Equal

W139, Amsterdam 


Investigation Dutch Identity

February 4 & 5


Art Rotterdam

in collaboration with Daphne Rieken


Inside the bubble, outside the monarchy

February 7

Performative workshop, Mercator Bubble

in collaboration with Fernando Burges and Renée Hartog, European Think Tank and UVA




Time for outrage!


Friday August 29

Shiv Nadar University

Department of Art Design and Performing Arts

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Delhi, India


Husband for a day & Acha Din

Installation/performance (group show)

Residency program, Partapur, Rajahstan, India

Supported by Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe by the AsiaVEurope Foundation (ASEF) and Arts Network Asia (ANA) in collaboration with Trans Europe Halles(TEH).

Embassy of Goodwill

Durational performance public space (group show)

Art in Odd Places, performance festival

14th Street, Manhatten, New York

In collaboration with Domenique Himmelsbach De Vries

Director; Ed Woodham. Curatoren; Juliana Driever, Dylan Gauthier


Family Matters

De Vitrine, Amsterdam (solo show)

Invited by Beatrice Puijk and Johanna de Schipper

Initiated by the Bookstore project, Amsterdam


Man in Pak

Participatory performance (duo performance)

Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam

Het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark 

With Jaque van Poppel and Piet Langeveld

Invited by Ieke Trinks van PAE; performance art event


10 years DOGtime

DOGtime Live at TNT building (group show)

Gerrit Rietveld Academie

With Jonas Ohlsson, Merijn Bolink, Serge Onnen and Sylvie Zijlmans among others

Invited by Manel Esparbé i Gasca, initiator DOGtime


Office of the King

Video screening (group show)

Grenswerte WeltAusstellung/ Grenswerte Worldexhibition

Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany

With Rob Sweere among others

Supported by EUREGIO, curator; Stephan US, in collaboration with Dick Smits, Emmy Bergsma and

Kathi Strotmann 


The Battle of the King

Lecture performance (group)

Vers Bloed, Ten Oorlog, De Balie, Amsterdam

With Joachim Robbrecht, Robin Block and Marina Ohanjanyan.

Moderator; Bo Tarenskeen. Invited by Sarah Sluimer


No man's land

Exhibition (solo)

Kunsttraject Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam

Invited by initiator and curator Joost Vermeulen and Frans van Tartwijk          


We Refugees

Installation, 15 paintings (solo)

Salon 2060, Antwerp, Belgium


If daily life hasn't killed me yet, the new year won't

Exhibition (group show)

maumau, Istanbul, Turkey

Invited by director Sine Ergun



Holding my brother in arms

Residency & Exhibition (group show)

Shifting Office, Local Vessel

maumau, Istanbul, Turkey

In collaboration with director; Sine Ergun and curator/initiator ; Marieke Warmelink

Group show with Eelco Wagenaar, Esther Verhamme, Luis Fernandez en Claudia Mulder.

Partly funded by ECF, Step Beyond Travel Fund


Democratic Kumpir

Participatory performance (group show)

IPA performance festival, Gallery Senatorium, Istanbul, Turkey

Invited by Burcak Konukman, artistic director IPA.

Curator; Dimintrina Sevova

Partly funded by the General Consulate of the Netherlands, Istanbul


Kantoor van de Koning

Performance, installation, film and debate (solo presentation & show)

Gronau (NL)/Glanerbrug (DE) en TETEM kunstruimte, Enschede (NL)

Invited by curator Stephan Us in collaboration with Grenswerte team

Partly funded by art and culture program Grenswerte, part of EUREGIO


Shared Voices

Participatory Performance, installation and paintings (solo presentation within a group show)

Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey

Residency program Artlab, invited by curator Mehmet Kahraman

Partly funded by Manzara Instanbul


Change agents, mind master I

Speech act/ lecture (solo)

Mixer, Artlab, Istanbul, Turkey

Part of Tophane Art Walk


Crowning NNH

Performance (group show)

Month of Performance art Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Invited by and in collaboration with Panik11, performance art network from Vienna, Austria


I want to change the world

 Lecture performance/ speech act (group show)

Salon #1, Amsterdam

Invited by Esther Verhamme en Eelco Wagenaar



House of Revelation

Performance & Exhibition (Duo show)

Up and Down, Back and Forth

mau mau, Istanbul, Turkey

Residency program

Partly funded by ECF, Step Beyond Travel Fund and private sponsors



An attempt for exhausting a space II

Installation, performance (group show)

In collaboration with Lilja Hermansdjottir

Zien is Geloven, Mozes & Aäronkerk, Amsterdam 

Partly funded by AFK



Installation/ painting and performance (group show)

Performance in collaboration with Lilja Hermansdjottir

Retort art space, Amsterdam

With Janne van Houtum, Ellen Blom, Danielle Schwabe en Jan van der Ploeg

Partly funded by AFK


An attempt for exhausting a space I

Installation/ performance (group show)

Between Heaven and High Water

Zeemanshuis, Amsterdam

Invited by Maritt Serena Kuipers, initiator en coordinator



Installation (Group show)

Kultur, Amsterdam


Dogtime uncut

Exhibition (group show)

Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

Gerrit Rietveld Academy

Group show with Jonas Ohlsson, Merijn Bolink, Serge Onnen and Sylvie Zijlmans among others

Invited by Manel Esparbé i Gasca, founder DOGtime






Teaching/lectures/studio visits





Engagement programme

Artistic and Socially Engaged Programme for high-schools students to tackle socio-political topics using performance and media techniques. In collaboration with Stichting KOP, Breda & Lara Tanger. Concept, idea and initiator; Marieke Warmelink

Ketemu AJA, Ketemu Project Space

On sex and provocation

Artist talk


Studio Kein

Istanbul, Turkey

Artist talk


Bonhoeffercollege Castricum

Performance & Kick of Leerproject

In collaboration with Gienneke Spoelstra

November 2015


Columbia University 


Invited by Wijnie de Groot
Senior Lecturer of Dutch
Department of Germanic Languages
New York, USA

October 2015


Pace University 


Live art performance group

Invited by Jillian McDonald and Will Pappenheim
Associate Professor

Art Department

New York, USA

October 2015


DasArts - Master of Theatre 

Presentation and studiovisit

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 2015



Artist talk

Mainz, Germany

May 2015


Gerrit Rietveld Academy

Lecture & Performance workshop

Dogtime department

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

April 2015



Shiv Nadar University, India

Time for outrage!

Lecture and studiovisits

Department of Art Design and Performing Arts

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Delhi, India

August 2014




Artist Talk

invited by Johan Wagenaar from 'Het Instituut' 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June 2014


Collectors space

artist talk

Istanbul, Turkey

sept 2014




Change agents, mind master I

Speech act/ lecture 

Istanbul Art Walk events, Istanbul, Turkey

March 2013



Articles/ publications

Marieke legt de kracht van vrouwen op doek vast

De Castricummer

by Henk de Reus.

De Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2014 & 2015


Bewust Naief

Article in Kunstbeeld

December issue 2013

By Daphne Rieken


King Willy Nilly 

Article in Mr Motley 

January 2013

By Tan Tunali


Interview Artlab



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