Three Wise Women from the East


self portrait 

launched on Three King's Day, January 6 2015

Photo Olga Trevisan. 



A new leader has been born. Three wise women came from the East to behold this miracle. They were the first ones to see it and shared the great news with all people of good will. ‘The King doesn’t have to play a role anymore, and the people will no longer have to pretend; the theatre of the pseudo-democracy is over.’



    It takes


    to change

    It is time to to cut with old habits which hold you down

    Cut with them completely

    Take control

    ownership of your life

    Life is bigger 

    Your full potential is waiting

    A new person will be born

    Wake up to your inner truth

    Rise to the light 


    Everything will be all right

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    free 15 minute call


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