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The 7 thoughts that stop you from doing what you love

"I don't know where to start"

"I feel guilty doing what i love because there are so many other things to do that seem more useful"

"I am not good enough"

"I am afraid no ideas will come"

"I feel overwhelmed"

"I am scared to get dissappointed'

"I probably don't succeed anyway'




I am good at voicing what I need 

I do what I love

I attract 

I am surrounded by Inspiring people 

I see so much value in my life

I feel 

I feel Motivated, supported

Joyful, Strong and Healthy

I feel In balance

I feel synchronicity in my life

I feel a strong power from within 

I feel connected with the world

Inspired, creative and fulfilled

I have

I have a free and playful mind

full control of myrself & my mind 

a deeper sense of self



Talents to share with others

If you are sick you go to a docter. But what do you do when you are stuck with your work, if you have negative thoughts and struggle by yourself? What happens if you can't express the ideas you have in your mind?

It can actually also make you sick, angry, agitated and unhappy.

It can create pressure on relationships, it can create illnesses and a negative surrounding.

It creates loneliness and a feeling of disconnection from the world 

It cuts of your energy and stops you from being motivated. 

You stop trying and give up your ideas

you loose faith and loose hope that your life can change

What is wrong to ask for help if you find yourself stuck or in doubt about what you do and where you are.

Ah...maybe you think it is not that important or you figure it out yourself.....

You dont have to do it all by yourself

It takes courage to be honest with yourself and to reach out when you need to .

Receiving help is allowing your self to be loved.

If you are not sure about what you need and what I offer
Please feel free to get on a free call
It helps instantly.
I help you get back into your flow
I help you with your process 
I help you to see different perspectives
Please reach out
It is my passion to help out
Because I know you can feel better
I know you have an enormous potential 
waiting for you to expand
Your life will change
because creative energy is the fuel for your day
It makes you happy, gives light and joy to your life

Creative Call

20 minutes free guidance

if you dont know what you next step is

if you have no idea where to start

if you are stuck

if you have questions about a programme

25 minutes

7 step plan

for a more creative life

one month

one to one guidance

fit to your personal schedule

help you with your project/idea

focus on process

invite play and experiment


 short asignments on request

technical support on request



living truthful

two months

weekly one to one guidance

fit to your personal schedule

get clarity on your mission

invite play and experiment


 short asignments 

visualisation techniques

working on mindset

clearing mindblocks

insight in patterns

energy boost

free email contact/whats app




Girl Walking in Empty Road

How it helped

M.A.S, freelance illustrator

After coaching I especially feel that there is something else.

That I again feel that motivation, that I feel something fresh again.

Screenshot 2018-08-14 15.23.12.png

How it helped

Mikael, Engeneer

Now I know it is possible to be successful in what I do and what that means to me.

How it helped

Channa, Phd student

A one hour session created in an incidental, casual and playful way an incredible, clear and beautiful outlook and gave me direction in my own creative functioning and life.

Girl with Grey Tshirt

It takes courage to change. It takes courage to reach out and not follow your creative urge. It takes courage to think different and allow yourself to grow. 

It takes courage to take the first step. 

Have a question?

Stella Ang: "I worked with many famous people, a lot of professional and well-known help providers, and I can honestly say that Marieke is a good, non-judgmental, stimulating and authentic coach."

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