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Embassy of Goodwill

October 9/12-10-2014, Art in odd places, performance festival

14th Manhatten Street, New York, 

a project by Doménique Himmelsbach de Vries & Marieke Warmelink






The  Embassy of Goodwill  aims to raise the image of The Netherlands by offering  one hour of free help to locals in odd places in the world.


The Netherlands used to be known as a safe haven for individuals who think differently. However,  the  past  years  the  country  has  been dominated by a growing fear of dissidents, which has resulted in a fertile ground for negativity.


With their free help Himmelsbach de Vries and Warmelink share their expertise, experience and knowledge on a personal level solving problems together with the applicants. Anybody can book help, possiblities are unlimited.


The embassy of Goodwill gathers a lot of important information of personal needs and wishes of sitizens all around the world. Value information for many policymakers. 


Examples of free help;


brainstorming, solving problems, renovating houses, gardening, Turkish coffee reading, portrait painting of people, portrait painting of pets, vegetarian / vegan cooking for individual or group, designing posters, video editing, thinking in solutions, taking initiative, organizing, renovating houses, repairing bicycles, screen printing, glass cutting and setting, welding, photographying, working with a sewing machine, being socially engaged, teaching, snowboarding, translating text from English to Dutch and Dutch to English, teaching basic computer skills, welcoming guests at your shop or houseparty, looking after your shop and making an extra 20% sales, giving advice about everything, playing new wave at your party.


Did you know you can also invite the Embassy of Goodwill to your country, city, festival or exhibition!
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