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Husband for a Day

'Ordinary secrets'

a film by Marieke Warmelink


Equilibrium, Sandarph

Partapur, Rajahstan


October 2015


Project of Beneshwer Lok Vikas Sansthan and Sandarbh

with Waldpodenakademie in collaboration with Equilibrium

Does Not Equal, Feminism now

W139, Amsterdam




Equilibrium Exhibition

Waldpodenakademie in Mainz, Germany


Article about the project in Women Inc























5 week residency Partapur, Rajasthan, India



Husband for a day - Ordinary secrets is a short film based on a performance where I am playing the role of husband of one of the women of Somelia, a small community in Partapur. The women could choose the role I would play as 'husband' and in this way share there wishes and ideas on marriage with me, a subject not easily spoken about among the women.

During the filmmaking and working process I got a special insight in the different values, needs and wishes of this group of women in society today in a time that is rapidly changing. The husbands of these women often live abroad, or in bigger city's. The women marry often at a young age, through arranged marriage, work at the fields, take care of the children, and do the household. 

Trough government schemes these women are supported to find more independent ways of creating an income with the skills they have. Not all women have gone to school and can read or write. Through these government systems, children can now go to school and often wish for different lives, including love marriage. Through this performance I got an insight in the structures the communities are living in, and the values they live by.

Their opinions, needs and ideals are portrayed in the final outcome of my work.


During the work process it was important that the group of women became co-writers of the work because myy approach is always based on the voice of the public and investigates, analyses and maps out different needs through interaction and participation.

Husband Kachra Bhai                        Marieke warmelink

Wife Kachri Bai                                   Sangita

Shopkeeper                                        Nima Devi

Neighbor of Kachra Bhai                    Punja Bhai

Supporting cast                                  Pallavi, Hemma, Priyanka, Laxmi Bai (I), Muskan, Laxmi Bai (II)


Director and scriptwriter                     Marieke Warmelink

Assistant writer                                   Sonu Boonkar

Camera man                                       Priyesh Gothwal

Director of Photography                      Priyesh Gothwal

Light                                                    Hitesh Damor

Director                                               Marieke Warmelink


Equilibrium is a project or Sandarbh, in collaboration with Beneshwer Lok Vikas Sansthan [BLVS] and Walpodenakademie. The project is supported by Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe by the AsiaVEurope Foundation (ASEF) and Arts Network Asia (ANA) in collaboration with Trans Europe Halles (TEH).



EQUILIBRIUM is an international cultural initiative that aims at building creative contexts in villages and towns in India. Currently located in Partapur, the main aim of this project is to provide a platform for artists from Asia and Europe to enter into a dialogue with local communities via members of women’s self-help-groups in and around Partapur.  


Partapur is a town located in the district of Banswara in Rajasthan. It falls in the largely tribal region of Vagad, and the Bhil tribe forms the largest section of the population. About 4 hours drive from Udaipur – the world-renowned ‘tourist city’ of India, Partapur has very little stake in the tourism industry of Rajasthan. It has very recently been recognized as a Nagar Parishad or City Council, though agriculture still forms the mainstay of the economy. 





Scene from Ordinary Secrets

Because of specific privacy concerns please do not share this film on facebook or you tube. 

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