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Kuat (Strong)

Ketemu Project Space, Bali, Indonesia

Artist in Residence Program

1 – 29 May 2016


Sudakara Art Space, Bali, Indonesia

Exhibition “Merayakan Murni”

17 July – 18 August 2016



Kuat (Strong) 


Kuat is a short film about the position of women in Indonesia. The project was part of a larger exhibition organized by Ketemu project space in Bali. Bali is a country in transition, filled with traditions, ceremonies and social expectations. The role of man and women are set out in more traditional ways, which defines the position of women in society.


I approached different woman who are construction workers in and around Ubud in Bali. I made life-size movable wayan ‘arms’ which the women interacted with, whilst doing their daily activities and talking about their work. The final project resulted in a short film. It was my aim to portray the thoughts, needs and wishes of these women in society today, address conversations on gender.

The project continued in Amsterdam. I organized an re-enactment of the film. The women in the audience became acters of a ‘new’ film, yet in a Dutch setting using the script of the Indonesian women. This automatically changed the role, perspective and expectations of the Dutch audience and opened up a dialogue about the role of women in both western and Asian societies.

As Bali, a country in transition, filled with tradition, ceremonies and social expectations Warmelink is imagining a relationship where women can choose freely without restrictions. Together with the differen women of the local community in Ubud, she strives to create and reshape moments of togetherness. It is the new bond between the women, and the artist, which enables her to get an insight in the woman's relationship, her values, wishes and needs in society today. The performance enables this without having to rely on language as a form of exchange. It is by sharing normal daily- life routines, which behold a level of intimacy, which the artist likes to explore trough performance.

Ketemu Project Space in Bali, Indonesia, aims to facilitate socially conscious interactions with communities through art and creativity. As a platform for conversations in creative exchanges with society, Ketemu provides the perfect environment for creators and researchers to connect with the culture, landscape, materials, social practices and communities of Bali. Warmelink was invited by Ketemu Project Space in Bali to develop new work and specifically to address gender topics in Bali as well as participate in the exhibition Merayakan Murni at Sudakara Art Spacegallery, located in Sanur, Indonesia. Merayakan Murni, was a well respected female artist, feminist and activist who made a great impact on the art and social arena in Indonesia.

Camera Traxvideo Oka Sudarsana 

Translation Savitri Sastrawan

Support production Ketemu Project Space

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