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 © marieke warmelink

Creative Empathic Communication

Gaining holistic awareness and the ability to heal

through visualisation, drawing and body exercises


 reveal & unveil

the unseen

"I felt like it was time to start doing the things that I love like my music and my writing

and I wanted to see the things that were preventing me in doing those things.


What made it easy for me to see the patterns was of course Marieke's extremely awesome coaching and verbalizing the thoughts and the drawings.

The drawing technique is very simple but you don't have to be an artist to just do this exercise it's very simple and everything comes from within"

The power of mindmapping
the experience of Silja Hokkanen, Singer, Songwriter

how it works

Mindmapping is a form of communication with yourself.

Through a simple drawing technique you find out where you are in relation to a wish, a goal, a problem with others or with your work or personal life.


It starts with your question and you are guided to make symbols and lines within a circle which represents your life.

By positioning yourself in your drawing you learn to relate to the objects on the page.

Each symbol or 'object' you draw becomes alive, it starts to speak to you and tell you its needs and wishes. 

You are asked questions which help you reach your 'blind' spots and enable you to take action based on an inner voice, a truth, sincere and authentic, not on a strategy. 

Mindmapping is a very powerful tool to get to the root of a problem, looking at your life as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.


Taking into account mental and social factors. 

Gaining awareness and the ability to heal

through visualisation, drawing and body exercises

I am your guide in this process. I have empathic skills which allows me to detect the root of your 'problem'.  © marieke warmelink

mindmapping private sessions & intensive workshops

Susy A. Holistic teacher

I feel more embodied, focussed on what came up and my next steps to work with it

It helped me see a root area that I need to address

Marieke is really good at what she does, you can really see she uses her experience, and not afraid of the emotional part.


Marieke  is really a healer. 

Channa B, artist

A one hour session created in an incidental, casual and playful way an incredible, clear and beautiful outlook and gave me direction in my own creative functioning and life.


Marieke guided me as a wizard through simple visualisation exercises, drawings and my own body experiences back to what really matters to me, what makes me happy and above all how I can apply that in everyday life.

Golberg, lawyer

I am so excited, I see how many things I put in between me and my wish, and that it was impossible to even reach because I always think I am not good enough.


Now I found a fast way to reach my goals. I feel like I have just given birth again, to something new in my life, a new me! 

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