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Office of the King


The good conversation

August 8, TETEM kunstruimte, Enschede, The Netherlands

Documentation material


Office of the King, The Good Conversation, TETEM kunstruimte

Duration ​00:02:22, courtesy the artist, 2013

The good conversation/ Het goede gesprek

August 8, TETEM kunstruimte, Enschede


In The Good Conversation, The King invited three important guests to participate in

The Good Conversation; a paneldiscussion open to the public, which questioned the

relevance of The monarchy in current society and to propose alternative forms of


The three guests were;

Jan van Lijf; councilor of the municipality of Enschede (D66), who supports maintaining

social involvement of citizens’ initiatives at a local level.

Ab Gietelink; a Dutch author, theater director, actor and producer. Also founder of

the visionary think tank Alternative! that creates and presents new alternative proposals

and critical statements concerning Dutch society. This is presented in the form

of a political program concerning national politics.

Anonymous; a student of history at the University of Utrecht. Anonymous is eager to

reach a new equilibrium as a first step in history to identify and eliminate the blatant

falsification of history about The Royal family that celebrates its 200th anniversary

this year, in 2013.




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