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Shared Voices


Documentation material particapatory performance

Running Time: 1:19 min, English/Turkish with English subtitles

Year of production:2013, Courtesy with the artist

Shared Voices


Interactieve performance

Artlab residency

Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey

March 2013


Shared Voices was an interactive performance in Istanbul, Turkey.

The work ware based on the idea of creating a platform of exchange for locals and visitors. A mobile wall painting

was made, which represented a parliamentary setting. In front of this ‘mural’ a small stage was build with a lectern

and microphone.

Participants were invited to the stage to share their opinion about their personal happiness in relation to the

socio-political climate in Turkey. At that moment, just before Gezi protests started, people were reluctant to share

criticism of political systems openly. The responses gave insight in the attitude, cultural values, need for gradual

change and their socio-political involvement.

The outcome of this interactive performance was documented on video. The selected material together with a conducted sound piece were presented during the final exhibition at Mixer.

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