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The King's Speech

documentation of performance. 
The King's Speech, documentation material, courtesy the artist, 2013
the king's speech


Glanerbrug/ Gronau, July 28, 2013


On 28th of July, The King performed an official welcome speech for the inhabitants of Gronau and Glanerbrug. The speech was recorded and exhibited during the final exhibition at TETEM kunstruimte in Enschede.


“As The King, I meet, sustain and connect people. Which means we are of importance to each other. I am here to listen to what you think is important, for you as a person, in your neighborhood, but also what you think the role of The King should be. This is important because I wonder what my future will look like. I would like to hear your opinion. Your opinion is important to me!


...As The King I am not always able to do The King I am not always able to say what I want..


...Sometimes I wish it was all a bit different...Sometimes I even wish I would not even be The King.."


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