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Do you work with women, or have women working in your business? Do you know who and how they are?

Have you ever wondered what life lies behind the smile on their face?

The women who greet you every day like family, do they struggle?

How does that affect your business? Most importantly, how can you help each other grow?


When you plant seeds in your business for women to feel supported, your business becomes equally more efficient, productive and a happy place to be.


When you help women grow, women help you grow even more.



Marieke offers special workshops for foreign business owners to improve the position of their female employees.


When you find out what the needs, wishes and struggles of your female employees are, they will help you to make your workplace equally successful.

Marieke’s task is to channel, to mediate and to listen to the women’s needs and wishes.

Marieke reaches out to women and gives them creative tools to express themselves so their inner needs are reflected. The outcome is shared with business owners, and new ideas are offered on how to make your workplace a happy space for everybody.


Women often feel comfortable around other women, and more willing to open up using playful methods. In this way women can truly share their voice and make them heard.  Marieke’s task is to channel, to mediate.


Marieke believes in the power of authentic storytelling to transform industries, change conversations, and help brands communicate their core vision and have positive impact.

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