The King's secret

Perdu, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

interdisciplinary theatre performance

Of Kings & Consuls

Parallel event 14th Istanbul Biennial

General Consulate of The Netherlans, Istanbul

The Monument One Hour Free Help


Performance, public talk, exhibition,

Investigation Dutch Identity

Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Performance intervention

Royal Practice Ceremony

Royal Palace, Damsquare, Amsterdam


The Proposition and the King

King's day, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Performance intervention

The New King

Fringe Festival Amsterdam

Interdisciplinary theatre performance

Secret meeting with the King

Royal Palace back entrance, Amsterdam


Hugging King

Volkshotel, Amsterdam

Participatory Performance


The new work of Marieke Warmelink is a research based interactive performance; a critical and humoristic full-length presentation, in which three proposals for a new democracy will be made. The presentation questions the Monarchy, leadership and alternatives. It is a lecture performance, installation and theatre in one.

All activities of 2015, performances, interventions and workshops are part of the final presentation in Perdu in June 2015.


Supported by AFK, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, with a 'development' fund.









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    Take control

    ownership of your life

    Life is bigger 

    Your full potential is waiting

    A new person will be born

    Wake up to your inner truth

    Rise to the light 


    Everything will be all right

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