Altijd Anders in Velsen-Noord

A project about refugees, migrant workers and fortune seekers in the IJmond '

September 2016

Huis van de Geschiedenis Midden-Kennemerland

Nooderwijkweg 2A, 1943 DK Beverwijk.

Altijd Anders in Velzen Noord is a new film directed by Marieke Warmelink specifically for project 'Wijkplaats'.  Altijd Anders in Velzen Noord  is about the process of "othering". In this process, asylum seekers, refugees and that illegal migrants positioned as "the other" and defined and treated as a separate, distant and disconnected from the host communities in the host countries. In this film Marieke Warmelink changes role with a young refugee girl. The girl voices her opinion as if being a Dutch citizen of Velzen Noord. Marieke on the other hand is now talking from the perspective of a refugee in The Netherlands. 

Made in commission for Stichting KIST- In collaboration with  Museum Kennemerland for the project WijkPlaats 
funded by City Council Beverwijk and Velsen, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds and the VSB-Fonds. Produced by Vida Behrouz.


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