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Monarchy, leadership and alternatives

performative workshop

in collaboration with Renée Hartog and Fernando Burges


Saturday February 7, Mercatorbubble,  Mercatorplein



with special thanks to

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Graduate School of Social Sciences



Artist Marieke Warmelink invites you inside a bubble where laws and theories do not apply, where the external world is placed outside and where for two hours long any radical thought is welcome.






























What is this about?  

Marieke Warmelink is working on a theatre production; a study in modern leadership. A design for new forms of governance that match the time and society we currently live in. The project combines art with politics; a combination of lecture, performance, installation and theatre – into one single piece. Lasting approximately 40 minutes, it will be a presentation that actively involves the audience by provoking, promoting reflection and challenging to take a position.


What is the main question?

The goal of the workshop is to question the role of the King and to substitute the political system of the monarch. We will discuss possible alternatives. Marieke will use the new proposed scenarios, in her theatre production. Marieke’s theatre production is a serious proposal so the King does not have to play a role any more and the people do not have to pretend either; the false democracy can finally be replaced.


Why discussing this topic?

In 2015 the constitutional monarchy will celebrate its 200th anniversary. Since 1814, The Netherlands has a constitution that served as a charter for the monarchy of the Netherlands. In this first constitution, a strong personal power was granted to the Sovereign. However, since then many things have changed and the monarch does not hold the same power as he had then. Marieke’s opinion is that this form of government is no longer relevant for the times we live in and that the King is not the designated person to represent the country. As someone who has not been directly elected by the people and is not even able to vote himself, the monarch does not reflect a modern democratic country. This arbitrary power is seen by Warmelink as a false democracy and she challenges: it is time for an alternative!


What exactly the project wants to address?

After all, what kind of leadership fits our society today? Can monarchs, politicians and members of the government live up to the expectations of the people? What do people expect or need? Can world leaders live up to their promises? How can one be a modern leader deal with contemporary conflicts?


What to expect from the workshop?

Do not expect a traditional academic brainstorm session. The workshop will make use of both artistic and academic skills and tools, bringing both work fields together. This means that it is not just a discussion but a performative collaboration. Marieke is curious to hear your point of view and experiences. Above all, she is keen on the ideas that no one has thought of before.


When and where?


Saturday February 7

Mercatorbubble, Mercatorplein

11.45 doors open

12.00- 14.00 workshop

To register * please send an email to

Celine Talens, project manager


*Due to limited space we will send you a confirmation as soon as possible. If we cannot host you there is a possibility we organize a follow up session.



Who is the artist?

Marieke Warmelink (°1977, Rotterdam, Netherlands) is interested in international relations, parliamentary systems and the underlying motives of the decision-making. Warmelink questions leadership and offers alternatives, a combination of disciplines including painting, performance and installation. The work of Warmelink is shaping examples of alternative leadership in light of the conflicts of the XXI Century, based on the voice of the public. Through performances and interaction with the local people, Warmelink researches, analyses and maps out the needs of different cultures and political systems.

Recent projects; Battle of the King - De Balie, Amsterdam, Crowning - Month of Performance Art Berlin, Democratic Kumpir - IPA, International Performance Association in Istanbul and Marieke has participated in several international residencies of which most recent with the project The proposition in Partapur, India.

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mercatorbubble, mercatorplein 2015

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