Of Kings & Consuls
Parallel event 14th Istanbul Biennial

Presented by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul 


As an official parallel event to the 14th Istanbul Biennial, guests are invited to witness an evening of site-specific, historically inspired performances as part of the Dutch Consulate’s initiative of bringing Dutch artists to an international audience - in line with the consulate’s policy of bridging the gap between The Netherlands and Turkey whilst facilitating cultural exchange amongst viewers and taste-makers alike. The evening will be complimented with a 'pool-side' reception.
Of Kings & Consuls, by Dutch artist Marieke Warmelink, aims at engaging audiences with performances, crossing-over various disciplines such as, architecture, theatre and music at the Chapel of the Dutch Consulate. Warmelink involves her audience in the process through collaborative methods, applying interdisciplinary strategies to challenge the current role of the spectator. The work reflects on the public domain, responding to both historic and current affairs - making the Istanbul Biennial an ideal time in which to connect with many people and cultures at an event of cultural celebration. 
Marieke Warmelink takes on the role of the new representative of The Netherlands for her performance at the Consulate. Through a combination of live art and performance, Warmelink welcomes her audience to the chapel where she will present her work using various forms of media, implementing elements of theatre, film and animation. 

Language: English

Film & documentation Ibrahim Karci

Made possible by The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs





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