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The Proposition

an installation by Marieke Warmelink

public event


Equilibrium, Sandarph

Residency Program, September 1 - October 6

Partapur, Rajahstan



Project of Beneshwer Lok Vikas Sansthan and Sandarbh with Waldpodenakademie in collaboration with Equilibrium


For the Sandarph exhibiton Marieke reflects on the position of women in society and their role in daily life. Marieke has created an installation with 29 pairs of trousers. For this installation Marieke visited 29 women in Partapur who’s husbands work in Kouwait. The men are away for many years and often return home once a year. It is therefor the women who run the homes, deal with family business and often work on the fields or have other jobs. Marieke Warmelink challenges the presence and absence of men in relation to these women’s lives.

Marieke is showing a series of video compositions in collaboration with Semeliya; one of the self help groups of Equilibrium. The video's capture changing times and its effect on the women in the village. 


The installation was originally built in Modkola, an area close to Partapur, also the location where the film Acha Dina was shot.

The installation was then moved to the entrance of the residency building in Partapur, where the exhibition took place.


For the exhibition Marieke made a series of 17 postcards 'Greetings from Partapur'. Marieke says; 'These postcards are a critical note to the social structure in Partapur, where the women seem to run daily live, but not always get the credit for it. In this way I wanted to honour the women and make them seen.'


Marieke together with a local jewelery designed a hanger, with a triangle symbol, representing female power, connected to the wishes of the women of Semelya. Each of the women received one of the hangers. 

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