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Painting courses in Bali

June - November 2018. Beginner - intermediate - advanced. Accomodation included





Art Start
You without a doubt discover what a great artist you are. You don't need to have any experience to join this course. With a few simple tricks you jump the beginner mistakes and are able to make great pieces of art to be proud of. Do you think you don't know enough about art? It really does not matter. This course is all about experiencing, looking and creating.
You experiment with different painting techniques and exercise with colour, fast and slow painting, painting up side down, letft handed as well as working with collage. There are many possibilities to implement your personal experiences during your stay in Bali to create a story to take home…if you want to go home.

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Explore More
You already know different painting or drawing techniques and have followed different courses for a year or a few years. You wish to explore a different and more autonomous route. You are guided to express yourself more specific and create personal art pieces. You are ready to discover new areas and strengthen your own artistic voice.

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Creative Lab
You are comfortable with your art and practice for a few years if not many years. You are happy with what you make but not satisfied. You feel like exploring a new path within your art. The time is right for change. You are ready for a new perspective and guided in your search to gain new focus, to create extra depth in your work. You are guided to do research and challenge an artistic question. Your time is based on experimentation and opening up new doors. 
Also suitable for people who want to try to implement different art forms such as video, performance or mixed media.

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  • discover

  • learn

  • look

  • try

  • experiment

  • create

  • explore

  • autonomous

  • personal

  • specify

  • discover

  • artistic voice

  • develop

  • new path

  • perspective

  • focus

  • depth

  • research

  • mixed media

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