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I help you to jump the beginner mistakes and help you to forget what a painting ‘should’ look like, I really want you to find your own signature

marieke warmelink

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It takes courage to grow. We can only learn by doing, with patience and step by step. We dive into new experiences and create the life we want to live.

The most important moment is to take that first step….

it takes
to grow

Painting classes & activities

The painting sessions are held by Marieke Warmelink (°1977, Rotterdam, Netherlands). Marieke is an interdisciplinary artist. Her work has been presented internationally at art, events, festivals and venues for the past 10 years. 


Marieke has worked extensively with various media of which painting is the closest to her heart. Marieke’s painting style is a combination of realistic, naïf and colourful, of which Bali shows many great examples.

The morning painting sessions start at 10-12.30 and are guided. We focus on technique and short painting exersizes. The afternoons are great to continue to work on your work, ask for an assignment, explore, go to musea, take photos, make jungle walks or make an excursion.

Your afternoon experiences will be discussed and incorporated again in the following morning session. Your time in Bali and your work can become a more layered and personal process.

The painting sessions are based on one-to-one sessions or for small intimate groups from 3-5 people. For larger group bookings please use the contact form to inquire the possibilities. 

Marieke guides you through various techniques, tickles your curiosity but most of all challenges you to develop your own painting style.

Most important is that you learn to look, to feel and transform an experience into an act of painting. ‘I help you to jump the beginner mistakes and help you to forget what a painting ‘should’ look like, I really want you to find your own signature’, says Marieke Warmelink.

For more experienced artist I can help you find your deadlock, push you over the line to explore a new facet of work. 

The last day is reserved to present your work and reflect on the process. 

We advice you to bring any inspiration along, such as photo's, magazines or collected items. 

In a week you will go home with a series of paintings you are proud of and most of all you enjoyed making!

Because of the nature of the tropics we advice you to work with acrylic paints. We provide basic materials, but advice you to bring a set of paints, brushes and paper yourself so you can choose your own quality and quantity. Read more here.


The painting course is set up so there is plenty of free time in the afternoons.

There are various activities to do or places to go and we can help to arrange these trips either solo or as a group.

You could visit various musea such as Neka museum, Blanco Museum or Puri Lukisan museum which all have great selections of Balinese traditional and contemporary art and are very inspiring.

There are plenty of walks in the area in the ricefields and through the lush jungle. 

Of course you can explore Ubud with its many bars, restaurants, and shops. It is also perfectly fine if you prefer to keep it calm and just relax, have a swim or a massage.

Another trip you can do solo or as a group is to visit to the water temple which is about a 20 minute drive from the retreat. 

It is a beautiful moment to share and show respect to the culture of Bali and the energy of the island. Visiting the water temple and going in the water, is seen as a spiritual cleansing ritual. 

There are plenty of other suggested excursions/trips and we can see each day how many people are interested so we can arrange transport. The schedule of the day can change depending on the nature of the excursions. The excursions are not included in the price as people have different wishes. Some of the places you can walk to and some you would need a taxi or you can rent your own motorbike.

Massage, Yoga & Meditation

Every day there are plenty of opportunities to follow yoga and mediation classes or to have a relaxing massage. 

We can advice you on where to go.

Arrival & Departure

If you want to arrive a few days or a day in advance and stay longer in the same accommodation please contact us so we can make arrangements.

If you need a pick up from the airport, we can help you too. Please give us your arrival details in advance. This is not included in the price of the course.

For your departure we can assist if needed. An extra night accommodation, please contact us. 

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