shared voices

artlab, mixer, istanbul, march 2013

invited by curator Mehmet Kahmaran, in collaboration with Radna Rumping, partly funded by ECF, Step Byond


Shared Voices


Interested in international relations, parliamentary systems and underlying motives of decision-making Marieke Warmelink created an interactive performance/ installation and intervention called Shared Voices I. The work was created during a month residency at Artlab, Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey.


Shared Voices is based on creating a platform of exchange for the public and the local passerby, 

inviting people to participate and to share ideas. The mobile wallpainting illustrates a parliament setting. In front the wall is platform with a lectern desk and a microphone.


The audience is first asked to take a seat at a typical Turkish table that is a symbol for official interaction and negotiation between different parties. Here the project is explained briefly to the participant

The participator was then invited to the stage and asked three questions, which they could answer

on a personal level or share his or her view upon the socio-political climate in the country of their origin.


The outcome of this interactive performance was documented on film and camera. Selected

photos and a conducted sound piece were presented during the final exhibition at Mixer.





Interview with Marieke Warmelink about Artlab  

English text


Interview with Marieke Warmelink about Artlab 

Turkish text (website Grizine)


Video documentation Shared Voices



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