office of the king/ kantoor van de koning

series of performances, site specific istallation, videopresentation

in collaboration with Grenswerte and TETEM kunstruimte

Gronau/Glanerbrug/ Enschede, Germany/ The Netherlands

27-07/ 11-08-2013

funded by Grenswerte/ Euregio, invited by curator Stephan Us

the king's speech


Glanerbrug/ Gronau, July 28, 2013


On 28th of July, The King performed an official welcome speech for the inhabitants of Gronau and Glanerbrug. The speech was recorded and exhibited during the final exhibition at TETEM kunstruimte in Enschede.


“As The King, I meet, sustain and connect people. Which means we are of importance to each other. I am here to listen to what you think is important, for you as a person, in your neighborhood, but also what you think the role of The King should be. This is important because I wonder what my future will look like. I would like to hear your opinion. Your opinion is important to me!


...As The King I am not always able to do The King I am not always able to say what I want..


...Sometimes I wish it was all a bit different...Sometimes I even wish I would not even be The King.."



click here for video documentation of the speech.

coffee with the king


TETEM kunstruimte, Enschede Aug 30, Aug 31, Sept 1/Sept 6, Sept 7, Sept 8, 2013


The King opened his office in TETEM kunstruimte in Enschede, making it possible to have an audience with The King while enjoying a cup of coffee. The King wanted feedback on what people think of The Monarchy and gain different perspectives concerning the role of The King.


During the audiences, visitors had to adhere to a specific protocol; photos were only allowed to be taken in consultation with the Secretary of the King, visitors should wear appropriate clothing, but could address the King by a name they felt comfortable with. Also during the audiences visitors were asked to fill in a specific questionnaire.

office of the king


Glanerbrug / Gronau, July 24-27, 2013


The King is looking for new forms of governance, therefor asked inhabitants of this particular border region for their opinion about the monarchy.

To achieve this a temporary office was opened on the border of Germany and The Netherlands, at a formal borderpost between Gronau and Glanerbrug. This office

was open for visitors to have a cup of coffee with the King and exchange ideas.

The conversations included questions around expectations of The Monarchy. responsibilities of The King and what people themselves hold important in the area

they live in.


During Month of Performance Art Berlin, in May 2013, Marieke Warmelink was ‘officially’ inaugurated as King of the Network of New Humanism.




the good conversation


August 8, TETEM kunstruimte, Enschede


In The Good Conversation, The King invited three important guests to participate in

The Good Conversation; a paneldiscussion open to the public, which questioned the

relevance of The monarchy in current society and to propose alternative forms of


The three guests were;

Jan van Lijf; councilor of the municipality of Enschede (D66), who supports maintaining

social involvement of citizens’ initiatives at a local level.

Ab Gietelink; a Dutch author, theater director, actor and producer. Also founder of

the visionary think tank Alternative! that creates and presents new alternative proposals

and critical statements concerning Dutch society. This is presented in the form

of a political program concerning national politics.

Anonymous; a student of history at the University of Utrecht. Anonymous is eager to

reach a new equilibrium as a first step in history to identify and eliminate the blatant

falsification of history about The Royal family that celebrates its 200th anniversary

this year, in 2013.



click here for video documentation of the 'Good Conversation"

click here for the link to the article of Tan Tunali in Mister Motley

click here for video documentation of the 'King's Speech' 

click here for video documentation of the 'Good Conversation"

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